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Just another Sailor Moon blog co-run by two teenage girls named Asami and Miyuki with nothing better to do. ◕‿◕

Currently re-watching the anime and reading the manga for the first time!

Asami finished the show, but is on volume 7!
Miyuki is on episode 147 and volume 3.

When I wake up in the morning, a pure white curtain of lace is rustling in the breeze. The cuckoo clock in the room says it’s seven o’clock, and Mom’s voice says: “You’ll be late if you don’t get up!”  I’m still half-asleep, and I think: “Please let me sleep for three more minutes.” I’m late for school every single day, like clockwork. My teacher makes me stand out in the hallway, and I get failing grades on my tests. 

The crepes we’d all eat on the way home. We’d gaze dreamily at a party dress in a store window.  The little things bring so much joy and I’m happy. 

I wish I could go back to that kind of normal life. I want to go back.

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"So unfair of you, to go off into your own world."

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30 days of sailor moon → day four: best friendship
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