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Just another Sailor Moon blog co-run by two teenage girls named Asami and Miyuki with nothing better to do. ◕‿◕

Currently re-watching the anime and reading the manga for the first time!

Asami finished the show, but is on volume 7!
Miyuki is on episode 147 and volume 3.
Sailor Moon S DVD Box Scans

Moon Power Disguise Pen, Usagi Transforms
Moon Power Disguise Pen, Usagi Transforms

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Sailor Moon S DVD Covers: Outer Senshi

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My boobs are crying because they know they will never fit into those tops. AND THEY SO WANT TO BE GLORIOUS IN THESE BODY DECORATIONS.


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Check out my review of the Star Prism Sailor Moon Eyeliner on MFC

It also includes a guide on how to get the liquid into the brush of the red and blue eyeliners if you’re inexperienced with make-up, and detailed pictures of the packaging and plastic containers.

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